A Christmas Card for The Royal Opera House

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A Christmas Card for The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is a very special place for me. It was my second heritage client after The British Museum, these two great institutions took a chance on me very early in my business career and I have had endless pleasure designing print stories for them both.

Royal Opera House Christmas Card

While I was familiar with The British Museum, The Royal Opera House felt a little outside my comfort zone back then and I was occasionally intimidated by the briefs, particularly Wagner's Ring Cycle in 2018 which I initially rejected! But with much encouragement I ended up designing a collection that is still one of my absolute favourites. These challenges have made me a better artist and through these projects I have had the privilege of learning much about opera and ballet which has enriched my life significantly.

The Ring Cycle, 2018

Ring Cycle Scarf for The Royal Opera House, Rory Hutton 2018

In 2019 before the pandemic consumed all our lives The Royal Ballet entrusted me to design a collection of scarves to celebrate Dame Margot Fonteyn’s centenary. A more exquisite brief could hardly have been offered to an artist in 2019 and for this honour and all the other beautiful projects I will be forever indebted to The Royal Opera House and the great team of people who work there.

Margot Fonteyn Centenary Collection

Margot Fonteyn Scarf for The Royal Ballet, Rory Hutton 2019.

Owing to the pandemic, the past couple of years have been very tough for the arts and The Royal Opera House is no exception, but finally this jewel of an institution at the heart of Covent Garden is buzzing with activity again. When I was asked to design a Christmas card that opera-goers would love, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with the opera house itself. Having been locked out for so long surly audiences would be nostalgic for the beautiful Paul Hamlyn Hall. My linocut design for these cards celebrates this lacy Victorian structure surrounded by mistletoe and stars.

Paul Hamlyn Hall Linocut, Rory Hutton 2021

Paul Hamlyn Hall linocut, Rory Hutton 2021.

By purchasing these cards you are supporting the future of ballet, opera, dance and music.

You can purchase your cards from The Royal Opera House website here.


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