Spending a lazy Saturday browsing the shelves at Waterstones, I came across a book entitled Books Do Furnish A Room by Leslie Geddes-Brown. This got me thinking about my own interiors and how I live with books. As the son of a librarian I have books in my DNA and consequentially I am never happier then when surrounded by stacks of them.

I ran out of shelf space long ago and I now have books everywhere, even piled high on the arms of my sofa, what could be better! My books are mostly on interiors, fashion, history and antiques and I love them.A sleepy Sunday afternoon spent with my books is the best way to unwind (wearing a smoking jacket or a Tootal silk dressing gown and of course a bow tie!). Today the Internet might be the first port of call for many when beginning a research project but for me this lacks all the romance of a personal library, the satisfaction of uncovering something hidden away from the Googling majority, the smell of books and pleasure of holding a physical object.

I also have an entire bookcase in my bedroom dedicated to The World of Interiors, to which I have been a faithful subscriber for almost five years. As an accessories designer I love the creative way this magazine presents mood boards of fabrics and textures. But I really lust over the photographs of interiors, which are always a feast for the eyes.

When I start a new collection of bow ties, pocket squares or socks I often begin with a pile of these magazines chosen at random and a pot of tea and it doesn’t take long before something sparks my imagination.

The personality of the individuals who inhabit these spaces sings from the pages. Often the homes of designers or public figures, it is a fascinating glimpse into a hidden world where beauty, whatever that might mean to the individual, reigns supreme.

In my case a room certainly is not furnished without these inspiring, comforting objects, much like a neck is not finished without a bow tie!


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