Christmas Gift Guide 2021

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

With Christmas fast approaching here is my roundup of silk accessories to suit all interests. From history buffs to gardeners I have something for almost everyone!

Museum Adventurers

Inspired by the classical world this collection draws inspiration from Assyrian, Greek, Roman and Egyptian imagery. The range includes classic silk scarves, shawls and pocket squares and tells the story of Troy, honours King Ashurbanipal and pays homage to numerous gods and goddesses. Ideal gifts for classicists and history buffs.

See the Museum Adventurers Collection here.


Stately Home Explorers and Antique Hunters

A celebration of furniture and objet d’art. This collection features the iconic Sussex chair, ornately framed portraits of dogs, rococo side chairs, Regency silver teapots and Victorian fire utensils, these 90x90cm silk scarves capture the wonder of a day exploring your favourite antique market or National Trust home.

See the Stately Home Explorers and Antique Hunters Collection here.

Year Round Gardeners

Inspired by female gardeners of the twentieth century these scarves are ideal for year round garden enthusiasts. Gardens are not just for summer; true gardeners know that much of the hard work takes place during the bleaker winter months. These scarves are perfect for the person who always has the garden on their mind come rain or shine!

See the Year Round Gardeners Collection here.

Highland Romantics

The scarf for country pursuits and leisurely expeditions after Christmas lunch. The rich earthy tones inspired by the Scottish countryside beautifully compliment tweeds and waxed jackets or velvets for an evening reception. The prints celebrate the heritage of Scotland featuring unicorns, stags, antlers, bagpipes and castles. A matching pocket square is also available.

See the Highland Romantics Collection here.

I hope my 2021 gift guide has inspired you!


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