Mad Jazz Patterns: Noël Coward Art & Style

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Mad Jazz Patterns: Noël Coward Art & Style

Mention Noël Coward and I’ll wager visions of Jazz Age decadence and eccentric glamour come to mind as quickly as his plays and songs. An icon of British theatre, Coward constructed a powerful image which remains as much a part of his legacy as his prolific body of work.

Today sees the opening of the eagerly anticipated exhibition; Noël Coward Art & Style at London’s Guildhall Art Gallery. The exhibition explores the impact of Coward’s work and image, as well as the influence of his star studded creative circle on culture during the interwar period and beyond.

Noël Coward’s world feels both alluring and relatable as we emerge from months of confinement and lockdown loungewear. Coward’s meticulously crafted public image is often silk dressing gown clad and he reached the pinnacle of his success in the aftermath of the Great War and Spanish flu pandemic.

I have been a long time admirer of the Master, so named for his overwhelming talents across all aspects of the performing arts. His poised, eccentric elegance has greatly influenced the cultivation of my own personal style. The opportunity to design a collection of mad jazz patterns to celebrate Coward’s towering achievements for the exhibition is one I embraced with great vim.

I was delighted to be able to explore The Noël Coward Archive for inspiration. A pair of fabulous needlepoint slippers and silk dressing gowns highlight his unique, effortless style which I endeavoured to capture in my designs. These and many other objects, including his cocktail cabinet, will be on display at the exhibition.

My designs for Noël Coward Art & Style are bright and celebratory, invoking a marvellous party of the Jazz Age. The patterns and colours capture the great spirit of fun that imbues so much of Coward’s work. Included in my collection are luxurious silk bow ties and scarves and for the more practically minded, tote bags and stationary. 

Noel Coward Greetings Cards

Noel Coward Tote Bag

Noel Coward Stars Bow Tie

Noël Coward Art & Style is the perfect injection of uplifting glamour to transition into the greatly anticipated, post pandemic Roaring Twenties. So dress in your sartorial best, heeding the advice of the Master himself, that even “an unfortunate tie exposes one to danger” and go see Noël Coward: Art & Style at London’s Guildhall Art Gallery. 

Noel Coward Laurel Bow Tie

Noel Coward Laurel Scarf

Noel Coward Slippers Scarf

The full range is available exclusively from the exhibition shop and online here.

Noël Coward Art & Style at Guildhall Art Gallery London will run until the 23rd of December click here to secure your free ticket.

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