Rory Hutton at The Royal Opera House

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Rory Hutton at The Royal Opera House

I am beyond excited to reveal my collaboration with The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. For several months now I have been busily immersed in the world of opera, growing increasingly frustrated that I could not share all my learning’s on this joyful journey with my lovely Instagram friends. The days have now been counted down and finally all is revealed...

Earlier this year I was commissioned by The Royal Opera House to design an exclusive collection of prints celebrating their forthcoming season and the launch of their new design led retail store in Covent Garden. A dreamier project I could not have imagined!

It is a great compliment to a young designer to be given the opportunity to work with this prestigious institution and it has been tremendously exciting to see my name next to The Royal Opera House.

Royal Opera House X Rory Hutton

Having worked so closely with The Royal Opera House's retail team during this collaboration I have been motivated by their great attention to detail and appreciation of craftsmanship. I have also had the privileged of learning about the history of opera and performance from some of the best advisors in the country.

My work is all about stories, I have been drawing and imagining since childhood and the Royal Opera House provided a rich seam of inspiration to fire my imagination.

For the collaboration I designed a series of linocuts illustrating some of the key composers, productions and performances that have contributed to The Royal Opera house’s rich story telling tradition.

In total I carved over 100 lino elements during the course of the project and drew countless sketches as well as brushing up on my calligraphy skills!

This was an unbelievable opportunity to look in-depth at some of the operas I love. Beginning with The Marriage of Figaro which was first composed in 1786, a period of design history I am obsessed with! The scarves for The Marriage of Figaro portray each of the characters in contemporary dress surrounded by decadent rococo frames and fanciful borders filled with musical instruments, shells and stage props.

The Next opera we examined was Richard Wagner's great operatic cycle Der Ring Des Nibelungen. Executed in black and white these bold designs feature the names of the four operas in the Ring Cycle alongside motifs inspired by the stories and characters.

The collaboration also examines some of the key composers who have contributed to The Royal Opera House's rich story telling tradition including George Frideric Handel, Giuseppe Verdi and Benjamin Britten.

The designs which are exclusive to the Royal Opera House have been used across an array of products including silk scarves, pocket squares, ties, Irish linen bow ties, greetings cards, notebooks and tote bags.

Irish Linen Bow Ties

The collection will be available to purchase from the Royal Opera House's new retail premises in Covent Garden from this Friday, September 21st and online at:


Video by Kris Kesiak

Product Photography by The Royal Opera House



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  • Thomas Davids

    A great read ! Nice to see that you merged your quirky print designs with these great musical masterpieces ! You truly are the ‘Prince of Print’ 😊

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