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Several years ago at Wimbledon Car Boot sale I picked up a box of old lead soldiers and farm animals. Dating to the early twentieth century they were a shabby bunch with chipped paintwork, missing limbs and in some cases heads! They had been well loved and this made them all the more magical. I fell for this sorry collection, but what was I going to do with a box of battered toys? This was my first Christmas in London so I tied them up with ribbons and used them to decorate a small Christmas tree. I think I can...

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Spending a lazy Saturday browsing the shelves at Waterstones, I came across a book entitled Books Do Furnish A Room by Leslie Geddes-Brown. This got me thinking about my own interiors and how I live with books. As the son of a librarian I have books in my DNA and consequentially I am never happier then when surrounded by stacks of them. I ran out of shelf space long ago and I now have books everywhere, even piled high on the arms of my sofa, what could be better! My books are mostly on interiors, fashion, history and antiques and...

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