The Judgement of Paris Scarf

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The Judgement of Paris Scarf

The British Museum invites visitors to ‘thread the line between myth and reality in this phenomenal new exhibition’. This blockbuster exhibition examines the archaeological evidence supporting a long held belief that Troy did in fact exist and explores the truth behind the myths which have captured the imagination for thousands of years and continue to inspire today.

I have been waiting for this exhibition with baited breath, since I was first briefed way back in April I have been obsessing over all things Troy. Projects examining the ancient world are amongst my favourites not least because much of the remains are carved in stone, a medium which I believe compliments the lino printing process beautifully. By June all the artwork had been complete and I’ve had to wait patiently until today to share this design, the most frustrating part of my work!

Judgement of Paris


For my scarf I took inspiration from The Judgement of Paris. The Judgement of Paris is a key event leading to the Trojan Wars. At the centre of the scarf I have placed Paris himself holding the highly coveted golden apple. Paris is surrounded by classical busts of the goddesses who vied for his attention; Hera (Goddess of Marriage, Women, the sky and the stars), Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty) and Athena (Goddess of war and wisdom). These busts sit alongside classical Greek urns and the whole design is framed with the Greek-key motif. The legends of Troy were often depicted on such urns and pots and the Greek-key is a decorative devise commonly found on these vessels.


Troy is so closely associated with horses that I could hardly resist adding a boarder of these majestic creatures, I particularly love how the ancient Greeks depict horses with rounded bodies and stylised features they are unmistakably Greek. I have recently been working on more realistic horse shapes for an upcoming commission and I found them much more difficult to tackle than these gloriously whimsical examples.

 Trojan Wars

I will not attempt to explain the story of Troy here when so many have done it so beautifully over the millennia but I do encourage you to follow this link and learn more about this great legend which continues to be a rich source of inspiration and intrigue for artists, writers, historians and philosophers to name but a few.

Troy: Myth and Reality is now open at the British Museum. Rory Hutton’s Judgement of Paris Scarf is available from the exhibition shop or online here.

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