Rewilding Blooms 45

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Introducing our stunning silk scarf, featuring lively linocut illustrations of Ground Elder, Primroses, Brambles, Buttercups, Ragged Robin, Nettles, Cow Parsley, foxgloves, bluebells, dog roses, daffodils, and orchids. This exquisite scarf is designed to celebrate the theme of rewilding, showcasing the beauty of native plant species that are essential to our ecosystems.

Crafted from high-quality silk, this scarf captures the intricate details and vibrant colors of these flowers and foliage, bringing the spirit of the natural world to life. As you wear this scarf, you'll feel the connection to the earth and the importance of preserving these species for future generations. The scarf is a statement piece, highlighting your commitment to rewilding and restoring the balance of our environment.

The design of this scarf is a result of the collaboration between Rory Hutton, the creator of this stunning piece, and Hannah Gardner, a Kew-trained head gardener with over 20 years of experience in sustainable and organic horticulture. Hannah's expertise in plantsmanship and practical horticulture has been instrumental in selecting the plants that best represent the rewilding movement.

As an avid gardener, Hannah has been wearing silk scarves as part of her gardening attire for many years. She even showed Rory her favorite scarves from her own wardrobe, inspiring the creation of this scarf in the traditional Savile Row pocket square size of 45x45cm. This makes it the perfect accessory to add a colorful flourish to your gardening clothes without creating any extra bulk, an important consideration when tending to the garden during the hot summer months.

Hannah Gardner is a renowned figure in the world of gardening and sustainability, having written for numerous publications such as Gardens Illustrated, The English Garden, and The Garden Design Journal. Her passion for rewilding and environmental consciousness is evident in her work, and she brings this same dedication to the design of this scarf.

This scarf is not only a fashion accessory but also a symbol of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Wear it with pride and make a statement for a greener future.

  • 45x45cm
  • 100% Silk
  • Made in Italy
  • Presented in a printed card wallet, ideal for gifting
  • Rolled edges